Most Asked Questions:

How Long Will My Braids Last?

View our works We do not guarantee how long your braids will last. It depends on how well you take care of your braids. Some styles involve risk like constant washing, hot water, swimming without a swim cap or simply sleeping without a hair tie. These are risks you fully understand and by no means are we liable.

Can I Get A Refund?

No! Our goals at LaBelle ProfessionalBraid Salon & Beauty Supply is to make sure that every customer comes and leaves happy. We always do our best to please everyone that walk through our doors—even the difficult ones. Because of our professional skills, we will replaced few braids that have fallen out in the first two weeks. After that all repairs will be charged. Recommendations:

  • Take before and after pictures of your hair.
  • Come within the 7days period.

What Types Of Payment Do Your Accept?

We accept Cash, Visas, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. However, we strongly recommend cash payment for your hair services. Please note that when paying for your hair service (s) with a debit or credit card you will be taxed.

What's The Best Way To Make My Hair Last Longer?

All videos are courtesy of its owners. LaBelle Professional Braid Salon & Beauty Supply own no rights to this video. If you enjoy the tips you can do one of the following.... BOOK US | VIEW OUR WORK | SHOP ONLINE

Do I Need a Deposit For Booking?

Yes, a $50.00 deposit is require. Upon booking, please call to confirm your appointment; all deposit (s) will be applied to your balance at the time of service and it’s non-refundable. Set Your Appointment with LaBelle Professional Braid Salon & Beauty Supply